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New Ford C-MAX sales double across Europe

Sales in Europe of Ford’s new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX have increased by more than 100% over the previous model, with a high percentage of customers opting for new technology features.

Since the new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX were introduced in late 2010, more than 135,000 vehicles have been sold across Europe. Through November, Ford sold 118,800 C-MAXs in Europe, more than doubling C-MAX sales from a year ago.

With this sales growth, the model’s European segment share has grown to 12.7% in 2011 (up from 6.7% in 2010), with the C-MAX range claiming segment leadership in Italy, Turkey and Ireland.

The Grand C-MAX has contributed one-third of the overall C-MAX sales volume. This model has twin rear sliding doors, 7-seat capability and an innovative walk-through seating concept, where the second row middle seat folds away under the outer seat and makes it possible to walk through to the third seat row. More than 60% of customers buying this model have moved to Ford from other manufacturers.

35% of customers are selecting Ford Active Park Assist for easier parallel parking, three times more than initially predicted.

The recent introduction of new low-CO2 C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models wearing the Ford ECOnetic Technology badge—offering CO2 emissions from as low as 114g/km, has increased the appeal of the C-MAX line-up for consumers that valuing fuel economy, Ford said.

During 2012, European customers will also be able to select C-MAX models powered by the 1.0-liter Ford EcoBoost gasoline engine.

In the US, Ford will introduce the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid based on the new Ford C-MAX five-passenger multi-activity vehicle.



A smart move by Ford?

Frank Ober

I think so, I find this to be Ford's most promising execution on their super low emissions and Plug-in/Hybrid strategy. Till now only Toyota can claim winner status, we are still looking for #2 aren't we?

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