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ECOtality to offer Silver Spring Networks’ platform to enable EV charging station load control solutions

ECOtality, Inc. and Silver Spring Networks, Inc. announced an agreement to integrate ECOtality’s Blink electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform. ECOtality will market and sell the integrated Blink stations globally, enabling utilities to offer their customers smart EV charging options. The companies demonstrated product interoperability at Grid-Interop 2011 this week.

The joint development agreement will provide another option, in which the Blink station leverages Silver Spring’s Direct-to-Grid communications to securely connect to a utility’s Silver Spring smart grid network. Silver Spring utility clients can also deploy Silver Spring’s UtilityIQ Demand Response Manager, a robust demand response management system that includes smart EV charging.

The application enables utilities to offer their customers EV charging options, schedule charging for off-peak times to reduce customer bills and control load for grid reliably, and collect EV-specific consumption data for billing.

Silver Spring provides hardware, software and services that allow utilities to deploy and run multiple smart grid solutions, including Advanced Metering, Distribution Automation and Demand Side Management, over a single, unified network. Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Platform is based on open, Internet Protocol (IPv6) standards, allowing continuous, two-way communication between the utility and devices on the grid. Silver Spring has numerous deployments with leading utilities around the world, including Baltimore Gas & Electric, CitiPower & Powercor, Florida Power & Light, Jemena Electricity Networks Limited, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Inc., and United Energy Distribution, among others.



Smarter e-network management is a must for future increased utilization with 250 millions EVs. Grid managers will have to find ways to better control demands while satisfying essential loads.

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