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Eltek to supply on-board chargers for Volvo Car Corporation plug-in hybrid program

Norway-based Eltek has signed an agreement with Volvo Car Corporation regarding deliveries of on-board chargers for a hybrid electrical vehicle program. Under the agreement, Eltek will supply complete water-cooled on-board chargers with volume production starting in 2012.

The Eltek EV Powercharger 3000 is designed for maximal utilization of a 16A wall socket. It provides an output power in excess of 3 kW with a very high efficiency up to 96%.

The charger is designed in a compact box measuring 50x280x120mm; with an output of 3 kW, this represents 30W/in3 or 1800W/liter. The high efficiency gives little excess heat which again reduces cooling requirements. All major heat generating components are mounted against a solid aluminum outer wall. This is intended to be mounted against a cold-plate, water-cooled or with a sufficient heat transfer capacity for the environmental specification applicable. The charger is designed to be placed in an IP housing.

Eltek is a global provider of high-efficiency power electronics, with experience supplying DC power systems and battery charging to applications in telecom, railways and power utilities.

Energy efficiency, limited heat generation, light weight and compact size are some of the key advantages of our technology. All serious automotive manufacturers are working with E-mobility one way or the other, and we are seeing great interest in our technology from many of them. This contract with Volvo Car is an important step.

— Michel Fraisse, Vice President of E-Mobility at Eltek

Eltek develops and markets power conversion solutions for a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, solar energy and electric vehicles. Through the 50.1% owned subsidiary Nera Telecommunications Ltd in Singapore, Eltek is also a regional supplier of transmission systems, satellite communications and info comm systems.



Nice to see that Volvo is actually trying to sell this car in Europe. No indication it will make it to the USA, probably because its diesel cannot meet air quality standards.

But, like most other PHEVs, the V60 claims 30M AER on an 11.2kWh Li-ion battery. It is copying Chevy Volt's lead with a smaller pack but much larger 2.4L ICE.

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