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Epic EV to produce advanced lightweight composite bodies for new DeLorean EV

EV start-up Epic Electric Vehicles and DeLorean Motor Company recently unveiled a new lightweight resin infused composite body for the new DeLorean Electric Vehicle (DMCEV) slated for production in 2012. Epic EV and DeLorean worked together to maximize strength and decrease the weight of this main chassis component of the DMCEV.

The two companies unveiled a development version of the DMCEV in October. The EV is spec’d to feature a 400V, 215 kW AC induction liquid-cooled electric motor that delivers 488 N·m (360 lb-ft) of torque. The transmission will use a single speed fixed gear; reverse drive uses reverse direction of motor, and is limited to 15 mph. The DMCEV will offer a city driving range of 100+ miles.

Shot of the composite body. Click to enlarge.

Epic EV’s new composite body designed for DeLorean is lighter weight versus the original’s with a much increased safety factor over those built in the 1980s. This will allow for the DMCEV to add more battery capacity for greater range and provide its passengers with enhanced impact protection and durability.

The original DeLorean was 30 years ahead of its time in the 1980s so I felt that the composites the new DMCEV uses today should also be well ahead of its time. We have achieved 200 lbs of reduction in weight with these new bodies through better engineering and that will make for a more advanced DMCEV. The roof crush and side impact strength is greatly improved on these bodies and I think this is a great new attribute for the DMCEV.

—Founder of Epic EV Chris Anthony

The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), based in Humble, TX, USA, acquired the original company’s name in 1995 and now owns the largest remaining original parts stock from the factory, US stock and original suppliers. In addition to servicing, restoring and selling DeLorean automobiles, parts, accessories and merchandise to customers around the world, DMC also assembles cars to order, featuring parts or designs from the original DeLorean automobile, with modern engine and suspension technology.




Even DeLorean (proven track record) knows weight is important regardless of cost.

You have to waste money to save money.

Ah; Umm.

Help me out here, Harvey.

Henry Gibson

Hydraulic hybrids are lighter weight than electric hybrids and cheaper to build. See Artemis. ..HG..


Harvey is not helping out, want me throw in some cold fusion babble?


TT: Many things that look initially cheaper end up costing more a few years latter. A good example around here are cheap concrete bridges and overpass versus high price quality steel ones. The concrete units do not resit salt-calcium and cold weather very well and have to be continuously repaired and replaced after 45 years at a very high cost. The higher cost steel units need a new low cost coat of anti-rust paint every 10 years or so and last 100+ years making that option the (much) lower cost option over 100+ years.

Much the same could happen with lighter composite-aluminium BEVs. The initial cost may be higher put the total initial + on-going operation cost over 20+ years may be lower for the higher price units.

Ultra light (less than 400 Kg), single seat EVs, at less than $8K each, may be one of the best solution to drive to work on a daily basis. They take less than half the space, much cheaper to park etc. They are made by Toyota.

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