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Exide Technologies has produced 2.5 million Start-Stop batteries in Europe since 2009

Exide Technologies announced the production of its 2,500,000th micro-hybrid battery in Europe. These advanced lead acid batteries are used in vehicles with Start-Stop systems aimed to cut the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Exide began production of these batteries in 2009 and they are now produced in two Exide plants in Italy and Spain.

In 2004, Exide Technologies was the first in the market supplying an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology-based micro-hybrid battery for the Citroën C3. Exide was also first in the market, in 2009, with the Enhanced Cycling Mat (ECM) technology, used by European car manufacturers to power their Start-Stop systems. Both the AGM and ECM batteries are 100% recyclable.

A total of 10 European car manufacturers are now using Exide AGM and ECM batteries in their micro-hybrid vehicles; Exide Technologies is the second largest supplier of Start-Stop batteries in Europe. Since 2010, Exide has doubled its output of Start-Stop batteries and will invest an additional $80 million to upgrade the production capacity for micro-hybrid batteries in Europe. There, Exide is on its way to expand production from two plants today to four plants. In the US, Exide Technologies started the production of AGM batteries in 2010.

The advanced lead acid batteries allow deep cycling combined with high charge acceptance, supporting Start-Stop, Energy Recuperation, Intelligent Charging and other advanced power train features.

We see micro-hybrid vehicles as a mainstream development and expect 70% of all combustion cars converting to this technology. Europe is leading the trend and we see other countries following very shortly.

—Michael Geiger, Exide’s Vice President, Original Equipment Sales, Europe



2.5 million start stop vehicles supplied by Exide alone, in the last two years.

And how many in North America? Zero?

This is a one datapoint, conclusive proof that the US needs a carbon tax or stringent CAFE standards.

Let's see: Avg fuel economy in US, 22mpg. 10% savings from start/stop, equals 2.2 MPG saved. 2.5M vehicles, 15,000 miles per year, equals 155 MILLION gallons of gas saved per year.


We find reports such as this refreshing for one simple, escalating reason: only a single mention of "CO2." Positive proof that the copy writers at Fenton Communications and Bioage have groked the utter disinterest the human race has for the expired campaign called AGW.

Bravo!! Oh, nice battery Exide.


Dollared...the Oilcos will not like you.


Reel$$, the families of the dead people in Thailand and Burma from the now frequent "500 year storms" may have more interest in human caused warming than you do.

But if you think oil company propaganda is more important than scientific proof or human life, that is your judgment. Others may have their own judgments about your choices.

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