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Grafoid Inc. and Rutgers University to jointly develop and commercialize polymer and non-polymer technology graphene applications

Grafoid Inc. and Rutgers University AMIPP Advanced Polymer Center signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop jointly graphene technology applications related to both polymer and non-polymer applications. Grafoid, in cooperation with Rutgers AMIPP will focus its investigations initially on infrastructural, aviation, automotive and other applications.

Focus Metals, A Canadian emerging mid-tier junior mining company, is the lead partner in Grafoid Inc., a graphene development and patenting joint venture.

Under the terms of the MOU, Rutgers University commits to providing research and inter-disciplinary laboratory facilities. Grafoid Inc. commits to providing human resources, graphene materials from Focus Metals’ Lac Knife graphite resource, and graphene expertise for research and development purposes.

Gary Economo, President and CEO of Focus Metals Inc. and President of Grafoid, said the MOU is the first of its kind for Rutgers University and a breakthrough for Focus Metals’ graphene development initiative. The initial investigation of Lac Knife’s graphite property was conducted on grab samples by Grafoid’s Vice President and Chief Scientist Dr. Gordon Chiu.

Economo described the MOU as another step towards completing a Focus Metals business vision of creating a mine-to-market-to-technology application enterprise.

Focus Metals Inc. says it is the owner of the highest-grade (approximately 17%) technology graphite resource in the world. The company’s goal is to assume a dominant industry leadership position by becoming the lowest-cost producer of technology-grade graphite. As a technology-oriented enterprise with a view to building long-term, sustainable shareholder value, Focus Metals is invested in the development of graphene applications and patents through Grafoid Inc.

Grafoid Inc. is a Canadian, privately-held joint venture created to research and develop commercial applications and patents from graphene, sourced exclusively from Focus Metals’ Lac Knife, Quebec technology graphite resource. One of its aims is to set a universal standard for the mass production of graphene for industrial applications.


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