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Bob Lutz to introduce VIA Motors eREV Pickup Truck, SUV and Van at Detroit Auto Show

Bob Lutz, former Vice Chairman of General Motors, will introduce an extended range electric (eREV) Pickup Truck, SUV and Van from VIA Motors, in a press conference at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit on 10 January.

VIA Motors has developed the first extended range electric powertrain capable of replacing the V8 engine. It was my great privilege to introduce the Chevy Volt, and it will be a great honor to introduce the world's first line of eREV Trucks, Vans and SUVs by VIA Motors.

—Bob Lutz

Bob Lutz, who retired from GM in 2010, recently joined the the VIA Motors Board of Directors.

In addition to the full size Pickup Truck, VIA will unveil two new eREV vehicles at the NAIAS: a full size, four-wheel drive SUV, and a three-quarter-ton, full-size Cargo Van. Like VIA’s eREV truck, all three vehicles can drive 30 to 40 miles on lithium-ion batteries, then up to 400 miles using the onboard generator, averaging up to 100 mpg.

VIA Motors has begun taking orders for 2012 for its extended range electric pickup truck. Production of VIA’s eREV pickup is scheduled to begin in 2012, with plans to ramp up production to 20,000 units per year over the next few years including the eREV SUV, Van and other large eREV vehicles.





Bob Putz is an over-paid Carnival Barker.


Whoever can turn heavy pick-ups and vans gas guzzlers into 100 mpg vehicles (and sell them) deserves a medal or two. The liquid fuel and GHG reductions are almost 3 times that achieved for a mid-size car.


Real greens be hatin' on Bob Lutz no matter what! Rite on dursun!!


The obvious gain is in large pickup trucks, which sell at a rate of over 1 million per year in the U.S. They have to show that they can do everything a regular truck does and that they do not cost a lot more, that will be the tough part.


$4k worth of motors/inverters, plus a charger and a 24kWh pack cant be cheap.. at least $22k plus profits on top of a $22k truck... then again those things are lucky to get 18mpg, if you are lucky.

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