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Panasonic Group to supply electric drive system for Suzuki Electric Scooter

The Panasonic Group will supply its electric drive system for Suzuki Motor Corporation’s e-Let’s electric scooter, to be released in January 2012 in Japan. The electric drive system consists of four components:

  • a high performance in-wheel motor;
  • a high efficiency control circuit primarily developed by the Panasonic Group;
  • an electric motor battery system using consumer-use lithium-ion batteries; and
  • a dedicated charger.

Building on its experience in the electric assist bicycle market, the Panasonic Group has been cultivating technological expertise in drive motors and control circuits. In September 2010, the Panasonic Group, in collaboration with Suzuki, developed an in-wheel motor with regenerative braking capabilities and a high efficiency control circuit for Suzuki’s prototype electric scooters, which have undergone on-road testing.

The Panasonic Group has been honing its technologies in motor control and rechargeable batteries over the years, which led to the development of the four components that are the core of light electric vehicles. The agreement with Suzuki has set an example for the Panasonic Group in delivering the four components as a total electric drive system for two-wheeled vehicles. The Group now aims to supply this total solution for light vehicles to companies actively developing electric vehicles.



Interesting possibilities to make increased use of mass produced EV components and arrive at lower cost.

Henry Gibson

If they would only add a model airplane engine generator to make it into a plug in series hybrid. The smallest RCV engine could even be used. ..HG..

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