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Fiat introduces third generation of the Panda; new 65 hp two-cylinder TwinAir

Fiat is introducing the third generation of its Panda city car. About 6 million first and second-generation Pandas were produced.

The new Panda. Click to enlarge.

The new Panda will offer new two-cylinder engines equipped with the Start&Stop system as standard: the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo, named “International Engine of the Year 2011”, and the new 65 HP 0.9 aspirated TwinAir, adopted for the first time. The renewed 69 HP 1.2 Fire gasoline engine and the 75 HP 1.3 Multijet II, also with Start&Stop supplied standard, complete the range.

At its launch, the new model is available with front-wheel drive, and then the Panda 4x4 will make its debut.

The Panda will also offer the “Low Speed Collision Mitigation” braking system and the “Blue&Me TomTom 2 LIVE” navigation system, Gear Shift Indicator (GSI), ecoDrive and ECO mode of the TwinAir Turbo engine.



Mileage? Availability in the U.S.?


The twin air models:

4.2L / 100km = 56 mpg(US) (based on the Euro cycle)
99 gms CO2 /km

No idea on delivery.

Chances are it will be very cheap in Europe.

There are 3 main ways to reduce fuel consumption:
Hybrid, diesel and SmallCar

This would be a "SmallCar"


mahonj: I would add BEV to ways to reduce overall fuel consumption.

This small car will not sell in N/A as it looks to be in the golf-cart death-trap category.


Would it be anymore of a "death trap" than the 67 VW Beetle I drove?


Looks so... though with 44 years to improve crash testing - we hope not.


This younger generation is a bunch of wimps. In my day we drove cars without airbags and still lived to tell the tale.

;^) heh heh heh


mahonj....a fourth way is a better designed, much lighter, less rolling resistance, less over-powered mid-size unit, preferably hybridized or fully electrified.

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