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Swedish companies partner to produce EV transmission featuring powder metallurgy gears

Three Swedish companies specializing in transmission design, materials and manufacturing have partnered to produce a new lightweight, low-noise and low-cost transmission for electric vehicles that features powder metallurgy (PM) gears.

For the project, transmission design house Vicura AB teamed up with Höganäs, a leading manufacturer of metal powders, and specialist manufacturer SwePart Transmission AB.

Vicura, Höganäs and SwePart will showcase the new transmission on a joint stand at International CTI Symposium and Exhibition “Innovative Automotive Transmissions and Hybrid- & Electric Drives“, alongside a rally car featuring PM gears in its manual gearbox.



Power metallurgy gears have been around since 1936/1938. Is this an improved version?


I hope it does not result in shattered gears.


Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

Powder to powder.

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