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Profi 4135 Natural Power. Click to enlarge.

Steyr has introduced the first production tractor powered by natural gas. The new Steyr Profi 4135 Natural Power is equipped with a turbocharged mono-fuel CNG engine, made by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), another Fiat group company. (Steyr is part of CNH Global N.V., a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat Industrial S.p.A., and was originally formed by the merger of Case Corp. and New Holland in 1999.)

The engine is a 3.0 liter, four-cylinder unit, producing 100 kW/136 hp rated, 105 kW/143 hp max power and a maximum torque of 542 N·m (400 lb-ft) at transmission input shaft. Gas storage is handled in nine fuel tanks, with a capacity of 300 liters in total.

The tractor is fitted with a 17 x 16 four-range powershift transmission and has a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). It is also equipped the with all of the features found on the standard Profi series, including load-sensing hydraulics delivering a flow rate of 113 liters/min, up to seven remote connections and an electronically-controlled rear hitch with a lifting capacity of 7,864 kg (17,337 lb). The 540/540E and 1000 rpm power take off with Auto PTO and an S-Tech 300 ISOBUS-compatible monitor are also part of the standard equipment.

As the tractor can be powered using refined biogas, Steyr engineers point out that this kind of drive concept is particularly suited to those farms that have their own biogas plants.

ecotech. In addition, Steyr launched the new diesel-powered Profi series tractors with ecotech, consisting of five models from 110 hp (maximum power 143 hp) to 140 hp (maximum power 175 hp). In addition to the SCR AdBlue system to reduce NOx emissions, the tractors feature a number of interesting detail improvements.

All Steyr Profi tractors are powered by turbocharged and intercooled four- or six-cylinder engines. They incorporate electronic common-rail engine management with precision injection, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The power increase of these engines delivers 10% higher output at 1900 rpm than at 2200 rpm, leading to significant fuel savings. Maximum torque is reached at 1500 rpm.

All Profi engines are equipped with the Steyr ecotech SCR system, which optimizes the engine power curve and cuts fuel consumption by as much as 12%, while at the same time fulfilling the EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations.

All Steyr Profi models now feature an engine performance management system for more efficient operation in the field and on the road. As a result, up to 28 hp more power is available through power-boost for tractor applications including PTO work, hydraulic operations and road transport.

All of the new range of Profi tractors feature a new Idle Speed Management system, designed to lower fuel consumption and operating costs even further. Idle Speed Management automatically lowers the engine idling speed after 30 seconds from 850 to 650 rpm. The system is actuated if the driver has left the cab and remote valves, hitches and PTO are not in operation.

PTO design on the new Profi tractors has been changed for more fuel-efficient operation. The ratio of the 1000 rpm PTO speed has been adapted to the power curve of modern engine technology, where the highest power output is reached at between 1800 and 1900 rpm. All Profi ecotech tractors are equipped with a 540/540E/1000 rpm rear PTO. The economical 540E PTO speed is operated at an engine speed around 20% lower, at 1546 rpm, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Another innovation on the Steyr Profi series is the front hitch management system. Two height positions can be programmed, and the front hitch automatically switches to float mode as soon as it has reached the working position – ideal when working with front mowers, for example. The system is operated using the Steyr Multicontroller integrated into the right-hand armrest.

The tractors’ hydraulic components have also been upgraded. Further fuel-saving benefits result from a Power-Beyond connection plate and quick-couplings to ISO standards. The driver can operate ISOBUS-compatible implements using the monitor in the cab.

The new Profi series is available with a two-stage (24 x 24) or four-stage (16/17 x 16) power shift transmission, with an automatic shifting function to enhance driving comfort, and meaning that the operator does not need to constantly focus on engine speed, driving speed and gear selected, as the tractor does this automatically. A direction-change switch is fitted to the left and right sides of the Multicontroller, providing the driver with maximum flexibility when changing travel direction.



Could become a good cleaner workhorse, specially where NG is available at lower cost than diesel.


Anyone know what the compression ratio is for NG engines?
400ft-lb seems impressive for a spark-ignition engine.

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