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Subaru showcases hybrid Advanced Tourer Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Among its exhibits, Subaru is showcasing its hybrid Advanced Tourer concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The C-segment class car combines a downsized, direct-injected turbocharged 1.6L boxer engine with Subaru’s AWD hybrid system.

Subaru said that the downsized direct fuel injection turbo engine is one of its principal engine technologies for the future.

The engine is coupled with a Lineartronic continuously variable transmission (CVT)—the first longitudinally-mounted chain drive CVT to be utilized in mass-produced AWD passenger cars—that was refined to satisfy the high-power output turbo engine in the concept.

The hybrid system offers an EV mode which allows AWD motion using only the motor at start-ups and low-speed drives. When decelerating, the regenerating mechanism uses the motor as a power generator.


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