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Volkswagen targets reducing environmental impact of its plants by 25% by 2018

As part of its “Think Blue. Factory.” Initiative, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand has set targets to reduce for the environmental impact of all Volkswagen plants by 25% values by 2018. This applies especially to energy consumption, waste volumes, airborne emissions, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

On the basis of annual values for 2010, future carbon dioxide emissions, waste volumes, energy consumption in megawatt-hours per vehicle produced and overall water consumption for production are to be significantly reduced.

Sustainable, efficient production is a clear competitive advantage. With its “Think Blue. Factory.” Initiative, the Volkswagen brand is pursuing a clear strategy which pools all environmental activities at our plants throughout the world. Our ambitious targets for sustainable vehicle production have now been defined in a way which is clear and comprehensible for our customers.

—Prof. Werner Neubauer, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand with responsibility for Components

“Think Blue. Factory.” is an addition to the Volkswagen “Think Blue.” portfolio including key measures in the area of vehicle production. The program, which is concerned with efficiency improvements in production and the expansion of environmentally aware energy supplies, addresses all employees at the plants. In future, approaches for reducing energy consumption in production will be honored by the Volkswagen Energy Cup at an annual “Think Blue. Factory.” day.

A few weeks ago, the new Volkswagen plant at Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the first automobile factory worldwide to receive platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.



Nice. We applaud these tangential actions to clean air, etc. But if VW wants to REALLY help the planet - start building and selling an EV, EREV, PHEV, etc. Something to actually REDUCE the demand for fossil fuel!

They claim to be introducing a Jetta 1.4L hybrid.

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