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Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading US airlines, and Boeing released several recommendations to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to accelerate the commercial viability and deployment of aviation biofuels. The recommendations were announced in conjunction with the publication of the working-draft Farm to Fly initiative report, Agriculture and Aviation: Partners in Prosperity: Putting Aviation at the Forefront of the President’s Biofuels Targets” issued by the USDA, A4A and Boeing.

In July 2010, USDA, Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA) (since renamed “Airlines for America” or “A4A”), and Boeing signed a resolution formalizing their commitment to work together on the “Farm To Fly” initiative to “accelerate the availability of a commercially viable and sustainable aviation biofuel industry in the United States, increase domestic energy security, establish regional supply chains, and support rural development.”

The main report identifies the opportunities and advances in meeting the Farm To Fly objectives and summarizes relevant USDA programs. Although the content of Part II was informed by discussions among the entire team, A4A and Boeing developed the recommendations that make up the body of Part II.

The Farm to Fly initiative builds on and expands the work of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI), of which A4A is a co-founding and co-leading member, to hasten the availability of commercially viable, environmentally preferred alternative jet fuels.

Steps recommended by A4A and Boeing are:

  1. Ensure would-be aviation biofuel suppliers and aviation biofuel users have meaningful access to existing programs.

  2. Implement, maintain and augment programs in the 2008 farm bill and employ them to support aviation biofuel.

  3. Leverage US Government resources to support promising aviation biofuel deployment projects.


Henry Gibson

This is truly an example of the EMPEROR Obama the First not having any clothes.(and many governors as well). With Boeing representing both the weavers and the adults of the town. But now I call upon them to take off their blinding Aviator "shades" and as a child declare the imaginary "low riders" of public officials made of "bio-fuels" and "renewables" woven of the same materials used by Solyndra's officials.

Why should Obama know that plants combined with humans can only convert less than three percent of sunlight into jet A.

Filling the farmlands and forests with solar "dishes" from Infinia is more efficient and cost effective and use the saved natural gas to make Jet A. The US military has been buying efficient sterling devices from Infinia for decades and should have bought Infinia dishes instead of Solyndra's lies.

If Boeing managers and engineers cannot get together and hire some historians and other engineers to show that biofuels did not work in Britain 300 years ago and that the British attempt to do so even with coppicing did fail and devastate many forests, they should not get on another BOEING plane it might worse than delaminate. Rome destroyed most of the forests and soil of Italy and Spain and all of north Africa two thousand years earlier for food and fuel.

These are the instructions of an engineer for Boeing managers:

Calculate the fuel used in a year by all Boeing airplanes;

Calculate all food produced in the US and all timber cut from tree farms;

Take the energy value of all trees and foods and subtract the energy value used by Boeing Planes;

Subtract the energy value of all fuels used by cars and trucks in the US and subtract that from the remainder and you will have negative calories to eat to reduce the fat quickly in significant parts of your bodies.


All airlines should get together to protect themselves from oil speculators.

Buy or build an island in the pacific near Australia;

Have SASOL build a coal to jet fuel factory on it;

Move tons of Coal slurry to Island every day from Australia.

Move tons of jet fuel to airports all over the world every day!! ..HG..

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