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New Airbus-backed aerospace R&D consortium in Ohio to focus on advanced materials

US Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Airbus Americas Chairman Allan McArtor, and Lisa Novelli, President of the National Composite Center (NCC) announced the establishment of a new aerospace research and development consortium which will provide composite materials, products and technologies to Airbus.

Airbus is working through the NCC to develop a research and development consortium of Ohio aerospace suppliers, incubators, and universities to develop next-generation products for use in Airbus’ new fleet. Ohio businesses will receive technical and financial support for developing and demonstrating new technologies to produce high-tech component parts for Airbus.

In the first effort of this new consortium, NanoSperse and six other Ohio companies and incubators will develop and commercialize new technologies in nano-materials and carbon fibers for Airbus. Airbus has already committed to a $1 million deal with NCC, the consortium manager, and can issue additional purchase orders over the five-year period of the agreement.

The University of Dayton Research Institute is also participating in the consortium; researchers at UDRI and in the University of Dayton School of Engineering will evaluate the properties and performance of nanomaterials and carbon fibers developed under the program.


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