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Delphi MyFi systems connecting through Azure-based cloud

Delphi Automotive is demonstrating the possibilities of its “MyFi Connecting with Safety” vision at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 10-13 January in Las Vegas. At CES, Delphi will also unveil its newest MyFi feature, a cloud-based portal that uses Windows Azure to bring OEMs and consumers a unique global connectivity solution.

With Azure, Microsoft manages content storage and delivery, while Delphi provides the convenience features of its cloud-based solution.

MyFi systems allow drivers to enjoy the information and entertainment they expect while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Using voice recognition, text-to-speech, large touch-screens, reconfigurable displays and workload management technology, the connected systems tailor information available to drivers depending upon the driving environment. When the vehicle is in park, more information is available to users than when it is in drive.

Additionally, when data from safety sensors is linked—and certain unsafe conditions are detected such as lane drift, stopped traffic ahead and driver drowsiness—audible and visual warnings redirect the driver’s attention and if necessary, automatic braking is engaged.


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