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Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 2M SUVs worldwide; US and China the top markets

Mercedes-Benz has sold more than two million SUV models—G-Class, M-Class, R-Class, GL-Class and GLK-Class—globally since the launch of the first G-Class more than 30 years ago. The SUV models account for around one-fifth of global Mercedes-Benz sales. The US is the largest market for the SUV family as well as the M-, GLK-, and GL-Class models. The second largest market for the SUVs is China, followed by Germany.

The G-Class is most popular in its domestic market Germany, while the R-Class is most in demand in China.

The SUVs today are an important pillar of Mercedes-Benz’s growth and have achieved a new sales record in every month since July 2010. The new Mercedes-Benz M-Class, which has enjoyed fantastic customer response to date, will give sales a further boost.

—Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars

In November 2011, Mercedes-Benz SUVs achieved another monthly sales record with deliveries of 25,552 models (+23.4%). From January through November, a total of 221,518 sports utility vehicles have been delivered worldwide (+24.3%), more than ever before in this period. Mercedes-Benz emphasized the successful run-out of the M-Class, and the strong start of its new models in the US.

A new peak was set by the GLK, whose deliveries are at a record high since the beginning of the year (+25.6%). To meet the strong demand on the Chinese market, the small SUV is being produced locally in China since early December. The other model series have also seen significant increases in sales. R-Class sales jumped by 50.3%, the G-Class recorded growth of 30.9%, GL sales climbed by 28.9%, and deliveries of the M-Class were up 15.8% despite the model change.



Well thats great...except that SUVs are hardly GREEN, huge BOF space-wasters and are powered by the largest V8s and V6s possible with NO/little attempt by the industry to do otherwise.

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