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Rolls-Royce Marine to deliver LNG power system for tugs

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has signed a contract to deliver engines and propulsion systems for the world’s first Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) powered tugs. The two vessels have been ordered by Norwegian company Buksér og Berging AS and will enter service in late 2013 for Statoil, the international energy company, and Gassco, the operator of the gas transportation network off the Norwegian coast.

In addition to two gas engines and an LNG tank system, Rolls-Royce will deliver an azimuth propulsion system for each tug, which will provide the quick and responsive maneuvering that is important for tug operators. These tugs will be the first vessels to use the newly designed Rolls-Royce US35 azimuth thrusters, which have improved hydrodynamic performance and hull integration.

The combined power and propulsion system is estimated to give a reduction in CO2 emissions of 30% compared to similar conventional vessels, and will comply with all known future emission regulations.

Rolls-Royce will also provide automation and control systems for the two vessels.


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