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Sturman Industries has introduced the Sockeye second-generation S‐TEC (Sturman‐Total Engine Controller). Customer support options are available from bare board purchases to turnkey solutions. In its standard configuration, the Sockeye offers an extensive I/O set capable of operating most gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel engines including JP‐8 for the military. Further customization is available to achieve application‐specific requirements for size, weight, functionality and ruggedness, the company says.

The Sockeye units are delivered with the Sturman CALibration Editor (SCALE) interface software providing capability to modify the calibration gains, tables, and variables. No additional software is required for operation. Optional libraries provide basic ECU functionality algorithms for compression ignition or spark ignition engines, and Sturman proprietary algorithms are also available for enhanced engine control.

The software is customizable through the Simulink algorithm layer where customers may create and implement application‐specific algorithms using products from The MathWorks.

The standard Sockeye features a wide range of I/O options including analog inputs (high freq/low freq/assignable); digital input; digital outputs; high current fuel injector outputs; and bidirectional CAN buses.

The development of Closed‐Loop Combustion Control algorithms for the Sockeye enables so many possibilities: condition‐based maintenance, cylinder balancing, combustion of unknown blends of fuels, and improved engine torque when using alternative fuels such as JP‐8, to name a few.

—Dr. Evelyn Vance, who led the Sockeye hardware and software development


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