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SwRI joins International Technology Innovation Alliance for ICE Reliability in China

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has signed an agreement to join Weichai’s International Technology Innovation Alliance for Internal Combustion Engine Reliability, organized by Weichai Power Co. Ltd., of China.

The alliance will serve as a communications platform on innovative technology to improve engine reliability and related research and development capabilities.

Engine and vehicle development in China is growing at a rapid pace. This alliance should help Weichai address issues in engine development to better serve their market needs.

—Bruce Bykowski, vice president of SwRI’s Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

Weichai’s main product line consists of 10- and 12-liter heavy-duty engines. Weichai also has divisions that make truck transmissions and heavy duty-trucks. To fuel international expansion plans, the company is currently building a technology center near Chicago.


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