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Fiat introducing 500L at the Geneva Motor Show

Fiat will introduce the new 500L, the new model in the 500 range, at the International Geneva Motor Show on 6 March. The L stands for Large—Fiat is positioning the 500L as a combination of the typical characteristics of different categories to create an alternative to the traditional B and C segments.

The 500L. Click to enlarge.

The 500L features a 5-seater single-volume structure which is 414 cm long, 178 cm wide and 166 cm high. It is a further development of the concept of cab forward introduced by Fiat with the 600 Multipla, a precursor to the concept of the compact people carrier.

The Fiat 500L will be introduced to Europe in the last quarter of 2012, with an engine range which will initially comprise two gasoline engines (TwinAir and 1.4-liter) and a turbodiesel engine (1.3 MultiJet II).



Fiat/Chrysler USA had excellent (+18%) sales for 2011 and January 2012 too. Ford and Toyota did very well too but new GM did not.


I look at the picture and wonder: why not just buy a Mini Cooper Clubman? Does FIAT seriously think they are going to compete against the Mini?

M Trent

I'll be interested in seeing how this is received in the UK. Personally, it reminds me quite a bit of the Panda.

I don't know, perhaps I'd consider something like this if I had a family - I don't think squeezing my partner plus a couple of kids into my 500 would end well, I'd have no choice but to start looking at new cars. But I don't think this car would be right for me now. I'm only going by the pictures but it doesn't look like this has as much of that cheeky personality that the 500 has.

Or maybe I'm just a nutter who needs to stop personifying her car....

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