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Opel offering new radar-based safety system on Insignia

Toyota will boost capacity for Aqua hybrid within 3 months

Nikkei. Toyota Motor Corp. will increase production capacity for the Aqua compact hybrid (earlier post) hybrid—to be sold as the Prius c (earlier post) in North America and other markets—within three months, according to Senior Managing Officer Takeshi Shirane.

The vehicle, manufactured at the Iwate plant of group firm Kanto Auto Works Ltd., received roughly 120,000 orders in the month after its December launch. Shirane has been tapped to serve as president of Toyota Motor East Japan Inc. once it is created through the merger of Kanto Auto Works, Central Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Tohoku Corp. this coming July.

On Monday, he showed an openness to also making the Aqua at the Miyagi plant of Central Motor.



Put most new vehicles at Prius 50 mpg averages and cut oil demand in half.

It's rumored that many OPEC harems have not been updated for three years and oil price hikes are imminent.

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