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ARPA-E to host workshop on “Transportation Behavior and New Technologies”

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) will host a workshop on “Transportation Behavior and New Technologies,” on 16 March 2012, in Berkeley, CA.

This workshop will focus on new transportation technologies such as alternative fuels and advanced powertrain vehicles that have the potential to achieve ARPA-E mission areas of reducing foreign imports and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Acceptance and use of new technologies historically has been difficult to encourage outside of “early adopters.” ARPA-E’s mission includes directives to improve the performance of new technologies versus incumbents, and previous programs such as BEEST, Electrofuels, and PETRO have been developed to fund advances in the transportation sector.

This workshop will explore approaches that combine behavioral economics; consumer marketing; recent technology advances (such as smartphones and social networking); and large-scale data processing and analysis to give consumers more options for their personal transportation decisions.

Specifically, ARPA-E is interested in technology solutions which connect advanced transportation technologies to consumer behavior. The workshop will highlight existing consumer education and technology marketing efforts by industry and attendees will brainstorm new behavioral and technology concepts that will lead to more personalized, easy-to-use, and engaging solutions to help consumers make informed transportation decisions.

Information gained from the workshop will assist ARPA-E leadership in the development of potential funding programs targeting key technological roadblocks relevant to the ARPA-E mission.

Summaries of the workshop will be provided on the ARPA-E website shortly following the event. Those interested in attending need to apply. The workshop is not open to the media.


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