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Belfer Center offering Geoengineering Policy Fellowships for 2012-2013

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center’s Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group is offering research fellowships in geoengineering policy for 2012-2013. The purpose of these fellowships is to improve understanding of the options for governance of geoengineering—deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s climate to partially offset the climate risks caused by greenhouse-gas emissions.

Solar Radiation Management—which is one proposed geoengineering technique (earlier post)—poses complex challenges for climate policy and for global governance more generally, not least because it appears that most individual states could readily use these tools to alter the global climate unilaterally.

Geoengineering policy research fellows would be expected to work in collaboration with faculty at Harvard Kennedy School along with international organizations such as the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative to improve understanding of the options for governance of geoengineering.

These fellowships are for postdoctoral scholars and Masters-level scholars with extensive experience.

The application deadline is 12 April 2012.


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