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DuPont and Yingli Green Energy enter $100M strategic agreement for photovoltaic materials

DuPont and Yingli Energy (China) Company Limited, have signed a $100 million strategic agreement for photovoltaic materials aimed at accelerating the adoption of solar energy. Yingli China is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited , a leading solar energy company and one of the world's largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yingli will purchase photovoltaic materials including DuPont Solamet photovoltaic metallization pastes used in solar modules and protective backsheet for solar modules made with DuPont Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride film.

According to industry estimates, over the next five years, 20% average annual growth is expected in solar installations globally. DuPont achieved about $1.4 billion in sales to the photovoltaic market in 2011, and has set a goal to reach $2 billion in sales by 2014.

Yingli Green Energy’s manufacturing covers the entire photovoltaic value chain, from the production of polysilicon through ingot casting and wafering, to solar cell production and module assembly.



JVs with Chinese firms (India and Brazil....tomorrow) for lower cost mass production is a solution used by many US/EU/Japan firms. Unfortunately, it moves many jobs out, creates huge trade deficits, local employment and poverty. Can a solution be found before a few more countries go bankrupt?


Fix the tax system. Tax value of exported IP, especially when it's re-imported.


Welcome to globalization where money goes to the highest yield and jobs go to low wage countries. Get ready for more of this because that is the way of this system. Unless we invest in automation like we should have in the 70s, it will continue. We did not invest in it then because of the cost of money, we do not now because there is no money.

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