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Goldfish 23 all-electric eFUSION boat wins 2012 Boat of the Year Innovation Award at the Dusseldorf Boat Show

The Goldfish 23 eFUSION, powered by a UQM PowerPhase Select 145 electric propulsion system, won the innovation award category of the 2012 European Powerboat of the Year award at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. The Goldfish 23 foot eFUSION tender recently achieved a top speed of 47 knots (which it achieves in 10 seconds) during testing in Norway. UQM worked with ReGen Nautic, Inc., based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on the program.

Goldfish 23 eFUSION. Click to enlarge.

The eFusion 23 uses an electric outboard; Goldfish plans to deploy up to 10 additional eFUSION boats this year. Future plans include higher volume production of a jet drive propulsion system using UQM’s new PowerPhase Pro 135.

Goldfish Boat is a private corporation owned by the founders and located in Norway near the Oslo fjord. Goldfish is developing and manufacturing fast motorboats for both the leisure market and military industry in a growing number of countries. The impetus within Goldfish is to improve the existing designs and to push new ideas into the marketplace without diluting the distinctive character of its boats.

ReGen Nautic USA is a private corporation located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has developed hybrid electric propulsion systems for yachts, trawlers, and sailboats over 50 feet. It manufactures high voltage (HV) boxes and licenses the software for integration and safety systems. ReGen Nautic has pending patents that protect its intellectual property related to integrating, optimizing and combining components of marine hybrid systems.



This could be the first electric boat to push ICE powered polluting noisy boats out of most lakes. It will be a great day!


Serious performance - likely serious price, WOW.


UQM motors are expensive and made in limited volume. They could use a Remy motor that will be made in volume and at a lower price.

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