Tesla Model X electric crossover to begin production in late 2013
Endesa develops prototype charger enabling electric vehicle to return power to the grid; hoping for deployment by 2020

Toyota will introduce FT-Bh hybrid city car concept in Geneva

Toyota will stage the world debut of the FT-Bh concept, an ultra-lightweight, full hybrid city car study, designed to achieve low emissions within an economically viable production framework, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The team that produced FT-Bh purposely avoided expensive materials and complex manufacturing processes, working instead only with those that are already commonplace in the auto industry.

Toyota wil also unveil the production version of the Yaris hybrid, as well showing the NS4 and FCV-R concepts in Europe for the first time. NS4 is a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle, designed to address customer demand for added value from hybrid motoring, together with advanced design and a more involving drive. FCV-R represents Toyota’s next step towards mass production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, paving the way for the launch of a saloon-type fuel cell vehicle by 2015.


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