US BLM issues draft PEIS for oil shale and oil sands; significantly scales back public land available for commercial leasing
Honda begins installation of solar power generation systems at automobile dealership locations in Japan

GS Yuasa will triple Li-ion battery supply to Honda

Nikkei. GS Yuasa Corp. plans to boost lithium-ion battery output for Honda Motor Co.'s hybrid vehicles threefold to 15 million cells by fall 2012.

The production hike will be achieved by expanding and strengthening facilities at a Kyoto plant of Blue Energy Co., a joint venture with Honda, at a total cost of about 10 billion yen.

The plant currently produces 5 million cells a year for the Civic Hybrid sold in North America. Its output capacity will be increased to also supply batteries for a plug-in hybrid that Honda plans to launch in Japan and the US later this year. The capacity hike will give the plant the ability to supply enough lithium ion batteries for 200,000 to 300,000 hybrids and plug-in hybrids a year.



Bigger scale, lower prices.


Not necessarily! Look at big oil. Big scale, big price.


Oil price is fully rigged (like many commodities) by we know who and it is called FREE enterprise in a FREE economy. The word FREE has taken a very different meaning.

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