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New Zealand issues new guidelines for EV manufacturers and importers

New Zealand has issued new guidelines for electric vehicle manufacturers and importers to provide clarity about the regulations and rules for the safe use of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

The guidelines—Deploying electric vehicles in New Zealand: A guide to the regulatory and market environment—was developed by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), together with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development.

These guidelines aim to facilitate electric vehicle uptake in New Zealand by providing information in one place about the regulatory and market conditions that affect electric vehicles. In particular, the guidelines provide direction for consistency of plugs and how to charge electric vehicles safely.

When manufacturers began bringing electric vehicles here in 2010, one of the issues identified was a need for clear information on the New Zealand regulatory environment as it applies to electric vehicles, and charging technologies. These guidelines provide clear and useful direction on this, and will help overseas manufacturers when they adopt vehicles for the New Zealand market.

—EECA Transport Partnerships Manager Elizabeth Yeaman

The guidelines were developed with industry input, including the Motor Industry Association (MIA), which represents electric vehicle manufacturers.


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