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Nissan LEAF now available in all 50 states

As of 1 March, Nissan North America Inc. (NNA) is expanding availability pf the LEAF EV for all US markets. The LEAF, is now the first electric car to be available nationwide.

More than 22,000 have been sold globally, and have accumulated more than 30 million miles, according to Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing, NNA.

Reservation holders in the remaining 21 states will receive emails from Nissan inviting them to engage in the Nissan LEAF ordering process. One week later, anyone living in these new markets will have the opportunity to place a reservation and order a Nissan LEAF. Deliveries will start taking place in these new markets by summer.



Ok, now just add 2X battery range or price reduction and $5 gasoline.

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In my opinion the way forward for Nissan with the Leaf is to make it charge faster. More range is not attractive when adding 70 miles of rage will currently also add 16k USD to the price of the car. Adding faster charging is not that expensive. In time it can be done without any price increases at all.

Nissan’s current battery can charge at 50kw and get 50 miles of range in about 30 minutes. If Nissan offered a version of the Leaf that used Toshiba’s SCiB battery that time could be reduced to 15 minutes using a 100kW charger.

A network of 100kW chargers is also less costly to deploy than a similar capacity network of 50kW chargers.

However, Nissan and others should not even be content with 100kW charging. For mass adoption of affordable battery electric vehicles we need to charge at 150kW or even at higher speeds in order to get down to less than 8 minutes for 50 miles of extra driving range. Hopefully, in about 15 years it will be possible to buy a Leaf that can do that and that still has about 72 miles of range but that costs about 25k USD instead of the 35k USD it costs today.


Link to Toshiba’s SCiB battery


It would be good to find out what potential customers actually want.


Forget that the LEAF is now available in all 50 states: I want to know if it's available where I live!

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