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TM4 and Prestolite Electric Beijing forming JV for heavy-duty electric traction systems

TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, and Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited (PEBL), have entered into an agreement for the creation of a sino-foreign equity joint venture company named Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (Beijing) Limited (PEPS). Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies, the new company will develop, manufacture, sell and supporting electric traction systems for trucks and buses, as well as commercial, off-road and marine vehicles.

The new joint venture will target clients in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN countries.

TM4 currently offers a range of motor electric power control systems for the transport sector (earlier post), including:

  • TM4 MФTIVE Series, electric powertrains for electric and hybrid vehicles of all ranges;
  • ISAM, Starter/Alternator/Motor Units for heavy-duty buses and trucks;
  • MФGEN, hybrid powertrain; and
  • The Wheel Motor, a wheel/hub motor.

TM4 will continue to supply the ASEAN markets with technologies related to light electric vehicles. As well, all TM4 technologies related to the transportation and energy sectors will be offered on other markets across the globe.

The joint venture’s first objective is to be able to accept orders with delivery dates in 2013.

According to the Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, China accounted for 40% of the world’s production of heavy-duty buses in 2010 and PEBL products are contained in 85% of the medium and large buses and 38% of the heavy duty trucks made in China. PEBL has 23 district offices, 31 regional distributors and more than 170 service points in Asia.

This new agreement falls within the range of activities stemming from the economic mission to China led by Québec Premier Jean Charest in August 2011.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec established in 1998, TM4 commercialized the electric propulsion system technology developed by Hydro-Québec’s research center (IREQ). Products include customized electric drivetrains for electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle manufacturers, and generators for wind turbine and gen-set manufacturers.

Prestolite Electric (Beijing) Limited (PEBL) was established in March, 2001. In the markets it serves, PEBL is the largest and most modern manufacturer of heavy-duty rotating electric systems in China. Its customers include nearly every manufacturer of small to large displacement diesel engines, mid-size to large-size buses, light-duty to heavy-duty trucks, mid-grade to high-grade off-road equipments and marine engines and gen-sets. PEBL has an annual production capacity of one million alternators and five hundred thousand starter motors.



This will certainly multiply the manufacturing and sale capabilities (at a much lower cost) for TM4 designed e-drive train products. Hope that it includes the in-wheel e-motors.

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