Ford now holds 461 patents on hybrid technology, up from 10 in 2000
BCV and Senesco enter into license agreement for the application of gene regulation technology to energy crops

Quantum introduces new 400 Series high capacity ultra-light-weight natural gas storage system for commercial truck fleets

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. has introduced a new composite compressed natural gas (CNG) tank targeting the expanding commercial natural gas fleets including refuse truck applications. The new 400 Series CNG storage tank was designed incorporating feedback from Quantum’s customers and has a Diesel Gallon Equivalency (DGE) of 26 gallons.

Quantum says its composite tanks are the lightest in the industry, requiring less structure for mounting support, thereby increasing available payload. In addition, Quantum’s tanks maximize on board storage capacity resulting in greater driving range.

President Obama has proposed a credit equivalent of 50 percent of the extra cost of purchasing a natural gas-powered truck compared with one that runs on diesel or gasoline. Such incentives make conversion to inexpensive, clean burning and US-produced natural gas fuel even more attractive due to high return on investment and short payback. Quantum offers proven, class-leading products and technologies for natural gas truck fleets including class 7-8 commercial trucks and refuse trucks.

—Alan P. Niedzwiecki, the President and CEO of Quantum



Mr. Pi.... dream make come true if 5,000,000 + trucks or so are converted to CNG. USA would also be much better off.


Delivery, long haul and buses are all candidates for conversion to CNG/LNG/DME since we are more than 30 year behind in a synthetic fuels program.

Mobil showed 25+ years ago that you could turn natural gas into gasoline and diesel through methanol. Eastman showed you could turn biomass into methanol on a large scale.

It we had followed Carter and done synthetic fuels in 1979, we would be so far ahead of the game, we would be producing synthetic diesel and gasoline now by the billions of gallons, but we did not.

Back then oil was $14 per barrel and Reagan sent war ships to the Persian Gulf to protect oil deliveries. Now that oil is $100 per barrel, we could be doing what we should have started long ago, but NO.

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