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Targray to distribute L&F Material NCM, LMO and LCO cathode materials in Europe and North America (AABC)

Targray Technology International has entered into an agreement with L&F Material Co. Ltd., for the distribution of its cathode materials in Europe and North America. L&F Material supplies three cathode active materials: Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NCM); Spinel-based lithium-ion: LiMn2O4 (LMO); and Cobalt-based lithium-ion: LiCoO2 (LCO).

It is currently the largest supplier of NMC to two of the three top cell makers in the world and ranks amongst the top three suppliers in the world based on combined sales volume of NMC and LCO.

L&F is one of only two companies that has been granted a 3M patent license to bring their product into the US, which speaks volumes about their battery cathode NMC technology. They’ve also sold over 20,000 metric tons in the past five years and have been consistently rated number one by some of the top cell makers in the world. We’re very excited to bring these quality materials to the European and North American markets.

—Pradip Sheth, Director of the Battery Division at Targray



Targray Technology Int'l has had its headquarters in Kirkland Qc for the last 23 years and has offices in USA, EU and Asia. It is a producer and distributor of battery components, PV cells components etc etc. This JV will offer a wider range of high volume materials.

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