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Toyota begins Camry Hybrid production and sales in Taiwan; 7th hybrid production site outside of Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) production affiliate in Taiwan, Kuozui Motors, Ltd. (Kuozui), has started production and sales of the Camry Hybrid in Taiwan.

Production of the Camry Hybrid at Kuozui’s Kuanying Plant in Taiwan’s Taoyuan County began on 15 February, making the plant Toyota’s seventh hybrid-vehicle production site outside Japan. Initial annual production is set at approximately 7,000 vehicles, to be the exclusive supply of the domestic market.

The vehicle ranges in price there from 1,069,000 to 1,399,000 Taiwan dollars (US$36,137 to US$47,292).

At the end of 2011, global cumulative sales of TMC-produced hybrid vehicles reached approximately 3.6 million units.



With over 3.6 million excellent hybrids produced, TMC has probably done more than all others combined. My wife is trying to find/buy a 'Made in Japan' 2012 Camry Hybrid to replace her 'Made in Japan' excellent 1999 Camry with over 200,000 Km. Is it available anywhere in Canada? I would pick it up for her.

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The Camry Hybrid is also made in Kentucky USA since 2006. So you still support jobs in your Canadian “neighborhood” when buying a Camry. It is a good choice. The hybrid Camry is only 4000 USD more than the non-hybrid Camry so when you have done another 150000 km in it you will save money and also save the planet for a lot of pollution as well.



Henrik...we don't mind paying $4k more for the hybrid version (we may be wrong) but are convinced that the 'Made in Japan' version is better assembled and resists to rust much longer without extra treatment. The Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima Hybrids come very close with an improved ICE but do not resist our winter salted roads as well. We've have tried all three; the Camry is smoother and quieter but the ICE could be improved or updated more often. It is a very good all around vehicle.

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I agree. It is legitimate to worry that cars that are designed in countries with hot weather (like Korea) is not paying as much attention to cold weather performance as cars that are designed in cold weather countries like Japan or Sweden (Volvo). I know the Canadian weather very well as I have studied one year at Western and there I experienced one of the hottest summers and one of the coldest winters in my life. Many people had timers on their cars so that they could heat up using electricity or gas in the morning before use. A survival kit with blankets etc in the trunk was also very normal.


South Korea has very cold winters. I was there when it was -12C
They also get quite a bit of snow and presumably salt the hell out of the roads.

However, they wouldn't be as long as the Canadian winters.

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