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Toyota to increase Highlander output, including hybrid and exports, in Indiana

Toyota will increase production of the Highlander mid-size SUV in late 2013 at the company’s Princeton, Ind. plant. Hybrid and export versions will be included. The project is expected to create approximately 400 new jobs at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. (TMMI).

The company will invest about $400 million to support global demand for the Highlander, which will no longer be built in Japan by late 2013. Toyota builds Highlander in China for that market only. Annual Highlander production volume is expected to increase by approximately 50,000 units at TMMI.

Highlander is currently sold in Russia and Australia, and TMMI will export to those countries.

TMMI currently employs 4,800 and builds the Highlander, Sequoia full-size SUV and Sienna minivan.



Highlanders are no longer built in Japan because there is no local market for that type of vehicle. Japanese are a full decade ahead of North Americans with regards to what is really needed to transport people around. It seems that they do not have to drive over sized gas guzzlers to impress the neighbors or show them that they are prosperous.

Our 40+% obese drivers may also have something to do with our reluctance to change.


Harvey, here are some selections from Toyota's current offerings in Japan:


Harvey, enough with the obese obsession, get help.

HarveyD potentially may be a much bigger 'free industry made' problem than our gas guzzlers, tobacco and other drug addictions, but the majority will not admit it, because it is a personal issue involving freedom of choice etc. Secondly, it is a fast growing national problem affecting almost 40% of the USA/Canada population. If the current trend continues, over 50% of us may have major weight problem within 30 years or so. Our direct health care cost will reach 20+% of GNP and the many other indirect cost will eventually be as high. Our productive and well being life span will be much shorter etc.

A nation with 50% over weight population will not be competitive on the world market place and will progressively propel itself into the have not nations group.

By the way, USA has the highest percentage of over weight people and the highest per capita (with 17% of GNP) health care cost, i.e twice as high as Japan and many other industrial nations. Imagine what 8.5% of GNP could do to improve roads, bridges, schools, etc?

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