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Prius c sells 1,201 units in first three days

Toyota’s subcompact Prius c five-door hatchback (earlier post), the newest member of the Prius family of hybrid vehicles, has sold 1,201 units since going on sale 12 March.

During the first half of March, the four-member Prius Family, including the new Prius c, roomy v, third-generation Liftback and new Plug-in Hybrid, accounted for sales of 9,821. Last month Prius sales totaled 20,593 and 32,593 year-to-date.

A number of factors drive the auto market, and fuel prices is one of them. With 53 miles-per-gallon in the city and priced under $19,000, the timing for Prius c couldn’t be better.

—Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division



I think this is going to be a good seller for Toyota. It's lower cost and a little less nerdy.


Are these number for the US or the whole world? Monthly Prius sales of 20K seems high for just the US.


The 'earlier post' only references the US. The Prius family provides for 'the late teens'($&age) to 34 cu.ft. SUV-like storage, at ~typical ICE prices.

New car buyers need only ask if they want to pay half as much for gas the next five years - and then get a higher trade-in price.

Toyota will resume as the world's largest car maker and 'the New GM', trading at 1/3 IPO, will remain GM.

Dave R

The Prius c is beating Honda at their own game.

It's a direct competitor to the Fit and Insight. Easily beats both in fuel efficiency. Nearly as much room inside as the Fit. More interior room than the Insight despite smaller exterior dimensions. Toyota did an awesome job squeezing the hybrid drivetrain into every nook and cranny.

And it's by far the most fun to drive hybrid Toyota's produced yet.

Did I mention it's easy to get well over 50 mpg in it with easy driving?

Toyota is going to sell a ton of them.

Would love to see one of these with a plug like the regular Prius.

william g irwin

Still waiting for the ni-cads to get replaced w/li-ion w/plug. 50 mi w/o engine run at xprsway speeds is enough!

william g irwin

And, I'm getting tired of waiting for my beloved Honda folks to catch up. CVT? No freakin way! Toy and Ford have that part right - Ecvt! And all electric still has a way to go. $$$


They do not use nicad batteries, they use NiMH batteries are are starting to use lithium.

Honda needs an IMA Fit if they want to compete. Make the car fun to drive with some zip and great mileage under $20,000 and they will sell.



"...'the New GM', trading at 1/3 IPO, will remain GM."

You may not like GM but at least get your facts straight. The IPO price for GM was $34.00. Since that time the high has been $39.48 and the low has been $19.00. Yesterday's close was $25.57 which is just over 3/4 of the IPO. Those are the facts.

Now as to speculation as to whether or not Toyota will replace GM as the largest car manufacturer, I would bet on GM as they now have a very large international presence, selling cars in well over 100 countries and is the largest car company in China, etc. They also have a much improved small car lineup and are now competitive with Toyota and Honda in this field.

If you are looking for a more sporting alternative to the Honda Fit, look at the Chevy Sonic hatchback which has more power (138 vs 115) and gets better mileage (29/40 vs 28/35). (more facts) In my opinion, it also has a much better designed engine with chain driven cams instead of a belt that needs to be replaced, a lower mean piston speed which means the stress on the engine is less, iron cylinder bores instead of aluminum, etc

And back to betting, I actually did place my money on GM by buying 200 shares at $20.81 so I am up about $950 and hope it keeps going up but if not, it will not bankrupt me.


Toyota persisted and won. Today, Toyota sells over 80% of the electrified vehicles sold worldwide. The current NIMH batteries will be progressively replaced with improved Lithium batteries, probably with the solid states type that Toyota has been developing for the last 5 + years.

Meanwhile 50+ mpg Prius C at under $19K or a Prius III at under $22K is a very good buy and will sell everywhere.


I looked up the plug Prius price at $32,000 with a price premium at $34,000..that seems a bit expensive.

william g irwin

"The 144V NiMH air-cooled battery pack in the Prius c..."
"an air-cooled, high-output 144V, 6.5 Ah NiMH battery"

OK, I goofed w/NiCad, but they ain't lithium yet!

william g irwin

And I agree that the extra bats in the plug-in unfortunately do price it just a bit too stiff. Puts it just out of range for now. I like where they are going with the C - priced nicely too - more design refinements! Like it!


sd, "and 'the New GM', trading at 1/3 IPO, will remain GM. should read "and 'the New GM', trading at over 1/3 less than IPO($19[12/19/11] vs $33 IPO], will remain GM."

"I would bet on GM as they now have a very large international presence, selling cars in well over 100 countries and is the largest car company in China, etc." through $50 billion US taxpayer bailout, besides scores of billions in stolen US vendor Ch. 11 debt and equity - which may not happen again next time.

Concerning ".. alternative to the Honda Fit, look at the Chevy Sonic hatchback which has more power (138 vs 115) and gets better mileage (29/40 vs 28/35).", below are a few 5 year ownership projections(@defaults):

Chevy Cruz Eco manual: $18,509
Toyota Prius C : $16,842
Honda Insight : $16,958

If one feels gasoline will be over $3.77/gal & 4%/yr increase, the Toyota costs thousands less.


The Prius C is $19,000+, the Chevy Sonic is $13,000+. I think the Prius C will sell well, but there are buyers that would rather have a compact for less money, but still get good mileage.

2012 Chevrolet Sonic
1LS Sedan
MSRP $13,865

Standard Engine 1.8L I4
Standard Transmission 5 Speed Manual

Horsepower @RPM 138@6300
Fuel Economy Cty/Hwy 26/35

Combined Fuel Economy 29
EPA Class Compact

Roger Pham

The Sonic hatchback automatic transmission, the 2LS model has a MSRP of 15,835, with a LPO option $650 exterior flash package, and $350 for Stereo CD player and satellite radio, would bring this up to $16,835. The Prius C listed at $18,950 comes complete with options above.

With EPA rating of 53 mpg combined, the Prius C will save $5,621 in gasoline cost over 100,000 miles at $3.60/gallon.

If you subtract the reduced maintenance work alone, due to the fact that the Prius c has no belted accessories, electric A/C compressor, no transmission to maintain, no water pump nor starter nor alternator to replace, nor brake replacement required due to regenerative braking, the saving alone is comparable to the $2,000 price premium of the Prius c. So, the $5,621 saved in fuel cost is free gift. If you keep the cars for 200,000 miles, then you would save over $11,242 in the Prius c, assuming that gasoline will remain at $3.60/gallon. If gasoline is to go to $4-5/gallon, you will save even more in the Prius c.

The 53mpg in the Prius c is very conservative. I obtain 60 mpg on average on my Prius 2011 model year, even though the EPA rating is only 50 mpg!


You can move the numbers around to "justify" almost anything. What I have been reading is that people will go car shopping, look at a sub compact hybrid for $20,000 or a compact for $15,000 and are more likely to buy the compact.

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