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California ARB to provide $5M in loan assistance to help to reduce emissions from boats and vessels

The California Air Resources Board has received $5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds to help clean up a variety of boats and vessels that operate in California’s ports and harbors.

These funds are designed to reduce emissions from a variety of marine vessels that use diesel engines, such as charter fishing boats, commercial fishing boats, crew and supply vessels, ferry and excursion boats, pilot vessels, tow boats, tug-boats and work boats. The funds will be used to guarantee loans for small businesses who wish to upgrade to cleaner operating boats, but may not meet today’s stringent borrowing standards.

To be eligible a company owning one of these vessels must have fewer than 500 employees, and conduct the majority of their business in California or regulated California waters. In addition, the company must meet a participating lender’s underwriting standards. A list of these lenders is available at: http://www.treasurer.ca.gov/cpcfa/calcap/contributor/lenders.pdf. These funds will be available through 31 July 2012. Funds are also still available through this program for off-road vehicles.

Diesel exhaust contains a variety of harmful gases and over 40 other known cancer causing compounds. California identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant based on its potential to cause cancer, premature death and other health problems. ARB’s Commercial Harbor Craft regulation is designed to substantially reduce these dangerous emissions and these funds are designed to help advance that.


Stan Peterson

Boondoggle! I assume both the governor's and the Director of CARB's yachts will qualify for and just about exhaust these funds...


Stan, you are likely correct. This small grant will be half consumed in administration - the balance will buy the execs a couple new Caterpillar engines.

Qadir Tapra

In the end, we kill what would be an acceptable risk scenario for either party if there were no election going on. For the politicians, it doesn't matter what the truth is as long as they can convince a few morons to vote for them.payday

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