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Aura to introduce 10 kW hybrid APU

Aura Systems, Inc. is working with Corvus Energy, a lithium-ion battery company, and an internal combustion engine maker, to bring to market a hybrid auxiliary power unit (APU) using the AuraGen power solution. The hybrid APU will use Corvus batteries, as the prime power source, while the AuraGen control and power management system, with its built in inverter, will provide AC power. The initial product is designed to be a 10 kW solution and is expected to be commercially available in the second quarter of this year.

In 2006, Aura introduced a 5 kW hybrid APU for long-haul trucks. (Earlier post.)

When the batteries are discharged to a pre-determined level, the internal combustion engine will automatically turn on and the AuraGen seamlessly continue to provide the AC power to support the load and simultaneously provide the DC power required to recharge the batteries. As soon as the batteries are charged the internal combustion engine will automatically turn-off and the batteries will be used as the power source. The AuraGen also acts as the starter motor for the internal combustion engine.

Aura’s integrated capability of providing and managing both AC and DC power simultaneously is a key to such a solution. By operating the APU in this fashion, fuel usage is decreased and harmful emissions are reduced.



"Shore power" for the trucks would eliminate the need to run the APU.


5 more kw and you would have a range extender for a BEV.
Or you could put it in one of those Police cruisers that are idling most of the time.


The police can use PHEVs that get recharged when they go back to the station.

One of the gensets was 25 kW, which seemed more like the entry level for an EREV genset, unless we are going to drive only EREV Smart ForTwos and Scion IQs in the city.

The idea is everyone should buy a smaller more efficient vehicle, but when you ask the people advocating that when they intend to buy one, they just say YOU should buy one.

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