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Boeing using Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Network for workplace electric vehicle charging in four states

Coulomb Technologies announced that The Boeing Company has installed Coulomb’s ChargePoint stations for electric vehicles (EV) on four campuses; Bellevue, Wash., Portland, Ore., El Segundo, Calif. and Mesa, Ariz. The charging stations are part of a pilot program sponsored by the Boeing Utilities Services & Conservation group to respond to employee requests for EV charging at work. The system allows Boeing to track employee EV use and collect and report associated environmental metrics.

The stations are a part of Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network, the largest network of independently owned charging stations in the world. The sale and installation of the stations was completed by Coulomb’s distribution partner Charge Northwest.

Boeing’s stations have access to all the functionality of ChargePoint Network and ChargePoint service plans, including a centralized management infrastructure to set up charging services like automated billing and transaction payment processing. ChargePoint Network also provides options for Boeing employees including 24/7 driver support, driver billing choices and mobile phone applications that provide drivers with real-time station location and availability, turn-by-turn navigation, and charging status.

Charge Northwest is an advisory company in electric vehicle public charging station infrastructure. Charge Northwest provides consulting, site analysis, sales of Level I, Level II and DC charging station equipment, installations through its network of certified pacific northwest based electricians and software integration and ongoing network monitoring and operations. Charge Northwest is the Pacific distributor for Coulomb Technologies and the ChargePoint Network.


Japhy Ryder

Coulomb Techologies management has little respect for employees.
2012 Series D round of funding washed out all previous grant value. Per implementation of 2012 500/1 reverse split on all previous series stock grants, company erased grant value for over half of its employees.
Company has reached only 30% of revenue needed to break even (b/e projected 2014), yet current 2012 CEO and CFO earn avg $275,000 annual salary. CTO (Primary founder) equally culpable as he supports this structure.

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