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GM China signs MOU with CATARC for Chevrolet Volt demo fleet

General Motors China has signed a memorandum of understanding with the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) to manage GM’s Chevrolet Volt demonstration fleet in Beijing for one year and to help organize workshops and seminars that will build support among decision makers and key stakeholders for vehicle electrification policy in China.

The demonstration fleet vehicles will be delivered to CATARC during April.

GM and CATARC will form a joint working team that will be responsible for gathering feedback from Volt demonstration fleet usage to better target discussions and actions to support new energy vehicle policy in China. Specific objectives and goals of the partnership will be developed through the working team. According to the MOU, both GM and CATARC will also study how real-world performance, charging and infrastructure for the Volt and other electric vehicles can address the varying needs of Chinese consumers.

This partnership is strategically important to us. The Volt, with its cutting-edge and practical technologies, will provide information to assist us in preparing the Chinese market for future electrified vehicles.

—CATARC Director Zhao Hang

According to Ray Bierzynski, GM China executive director of Electrification Strategy, GM’s relationship with CATARC will provide GM access to top opinion leaders and policymakers.

To support the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, GM has recently installed charging poles at Tsinghua University, the office of SAE China, a Chevrolet dealership in Beijing as well as GM’s China headquarters in Shanghai. The company plans to install charging facilities at CATARC’s Tianjin headquarters as well.

China is among the initial markets to introduce the Volt following the United States.

CATARC is the most important third-party automotive technology service organization recognized by the Chinese government. It is playing a critical role in the development of new energy vehicles.



Maybe China will price Volt at the half again Cruze price it should cost.


I guess you presume GM:

1. Does not understand that they’d sell more at a lower price?
2. They do not want any EV to succeed?
3. Wants to sell only a few, at inflated prices?
4. Wants to contain future crushing costs?
5. Expects people to assume “you get what you pay for”?
6. Needs to “earn” the tax relief they get.
7. Are in bed with Big Oil. (sounds messy, eh?)
8. Do not have your expertise in setting the price 


Good move. The Chinese DESPERATELY need EREVs. A billion people addicted to fossil fuel = total disaster.


If the Volt was priced lower, they would lose money on every car then people would howl even more than they do now.

We will see how many Volts sell in 2012, I predict over 10,000 units. Considering how new and unique it is, that is not a bad number.


I hope so. REVs are exciting cars.

I think one of it's problems might be that many of the early adapters are also EV1 conspiracy nuts.

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