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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the return of the Datsun brand as Nissan’s third global brand, alongside Nissan and Infiniti. Nissan had phased out the brand in 1986. Nissan will target Datsun models on “optimistic up-and-coming customers” in high-growth markets, he said. Datsun vehicles will start sales in India, Indonesia, and Russia from 2014.

Ghosn made the announcement during remarks on a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to announce measures to strengten Nissan’s production base and sales presence there.

Nissan’s total capacity will increase to 250,000 annually there by 2014, with the workforce expanding to 3,300, and sales outlets are planned to increase to 150 by 2015.

The new plan will make Nissan’s Cikampek site, located 80 kilometers outside of Jakarta, one of the largest production facilities in the ASEAN region for Nissan.

In 2011, 890,000 vehicles were sold in Indonesia, for the first time making the nation ASEAN’s largest car market. Nissan is in line to achieve its sales objectives of 60,000 units for fiscal year 2011. Indonesia total industry volume is estimated to increase nearly double by 2017 compared to 2010, largely driven by the introduction of the Green Car program now being drafted by the Indonesian government. Nissan strongly supports the program and looks forward to its speedy ratification.

On 19 March, Ghosn met Indonesia president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and reiterated Nissan’s commitment to the nation’s motorization.



I hope that they are better than the Datsun I once owned. I had an early Datsun 240Z which was the worse car that I ever owned and I swear that they started selling them before they even test drove them. One of the most egregious problem was that exhaust would flow into the cabin when one window was opened. The total list of problems with that car would fill a page.

I had a low speed accident because the front disks stuck in the calipers. This was within a week of having the brakes serviced. I rear-ended a full size Chevy Impala which had no damage. The 240Z had both fenders, the hood, the grill, headlights, and the radiator damaged. However, most impressive was the link between the master cylinder and brake pedal which broke.

The vehicle rusted worse than any vehicle I had ever owned and the contacts in the electric connectors turned into a white powder. Both rear drums cracked.
On and on.


Yes Datsun have a poor reputation to overcome. It may be wise to use another name.

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