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LEVA announces new performance standards for electric bicycles

The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) announced new Performance Standards for electric bicycles. The new Performance Standards include a Guide and Label that provides information for consumers to compare and shop for electric bicycles. An international group of LEVA members have worked over the past 18 months on creating the standard.

The new Performance Standards are the first published standards for the global electric bike industry, LEVA says. The Performance Standards include a Label attached to the bike and an annual Guide with additional performance data and tips for improving range.

Performance data is calculated on a test bench using Triple S test protocol to ensure equal results for different bike models. The performance data includes a simulated city course with 14 stop-and-go events, a simulated 4% hill climb and an acceleration profile.

The LEVA Performance Standards Guide is designed to give direction to consumers and answer questions about e-bike performance. An online version of the guide allows consumers to input their own travel route data to receive personalized range estimates.



Interesting idea. Makes a lot more sense than trying to figure out actual bike performance based merely on Amp Hours and Voltage of the bike. So that takes you closer to a standard like the EPA MPG rating. How far can the bike go on a charge? That's something the bike manufacturers can't really tell you, because this standard didn't exist.

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