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Mitsubishi Motors introducing MiEV Power BOX 1500 Watt Power Feeder for its EVs

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will bring to market by the end of next month the new MiEV power BOX power feeder which is capable of supplying large amounts of electrical power from an electric vehicle (EV).

Supplied by a Mitsubishi Group affiliate, the MiEV power BOX will be offered as a dealer option for the company’s i-MiEV and MINICAB-MiEV EVs. The MiEV power BOX is an adapter that plugs into the i-MiEV or MINICAB-MiEV’s quick charging connector and is capable of supplying up to 1500 watts of AC electricity from the power stored in the vehicle’s drive battery. It has been designed mainly to power household electrical appliances either when away from home or in an emergency.

When connected to a fully-charged 16.0 kWh battery-equipped model, the MiEV power BOX can supply 1500 watts of power for between five and six hours, equivalent to the amount consumed by an average Japanese household in a single day.



Account Deleted

Personally, I need it to brew a fresh cup of coffee no matter where I go. For an addicted coffee lover like me this is of utter importance. I don’t see how one can live with a car that can’t brew a fresh cup of coffee ;-)


The power shortages following the Japanese nuclear shutdown have prompted this.
It is V2H rather than V2G, and is used as emergency backup rather than load shifting.
I wonder how long you could run a house on 15 KwH if you tried?
As long as you didn't use any heaters, and just used it for light, fridge and electronics, you could go for quite a while.
2-3 days easily, more if you changed your lighting usage.

Dave R

@mahonj - if you only run your fridge and a few lights when needed, you could go 5-6 days if not a bit more.

Typical efficient fridge these days uses about 1.5-2 kWh/day.


@dave, yes ...
If you are trying to live on 2 - 3 KwH / day, you have to be very careful.
You have to watch for things like HiFi's that are plugged in all the time, consuming 50 watts (like mine).
This is 1.2 KwH / day just for the HiFi - oops!

The router will probably consume 20 watts and will be on all the time, but you have to have that.
I'm sure we could allow Henrik brew a few cups of coffee / day as long as he was careful to only brew what was going to consume.
You might turn the fridge down a bit.
Living off a battery requires careful planning and attention to detail.
It really makes you appreciate the grid.

Henry Gibson

A very few Priuses were equipped with a power outlet. Small cheap portable generators can charge the batteries every morning, but the Prius could charge the battery whilst stationary. A bit of cleverness will allow the use of CFLs directly from the Pius battery, but inverters will allow operation of them from the Prius lighting battery which is charged from the main battery. Directly connecting 12 volt additional batteries and inverters to the Prius battery will give more peak power but the same average power. This method can be used with any vehicle and run the engine to recharge the multiple batteries from time to time. The automobile battery should be replaced with several deep cycle batteries for this operation where possible. ..HG..

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