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China team outlines 5 key areas of future research to realize Li-air batteries

Obama Administration releases progress report on its energy efforts

The Obama Administration released a progress report highlighting its achievements in meeting the “all-of-the-above” energy plan outlined in the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future released last year. The accomplishments in the report represent the combined efforts of six Federal agencies: The Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The report groups the efforts into five main categories: increasing energy independence through increased domestic production of oil and natural gas; building a 21st century transportation sector; investing in clean energy, including renewables and nuclear; building more livable communities; and innovating for the next generation.

The progress report I received today from members of my administration underscores the headway our nation has made towards reducing our reliance on foreign oil, while also expanding American made energy. As the report highlights, we have made progress, with imports of foreign oil decreasing by a million barrels a day in the last year alone. Our focus on increased domestic oil and gas production, currently at an eight-year high, combined with the historic fuel economy standards we put in place, means that we will continue to reduce our nation’s vulnerability to the ups and downs of the global oil market.

We’ve also made progress in the expansion of clean energy, with renewable energy from sources like wind and solar on track to double, along with the construction of our first advanced biofuel refineries. And yet, despite the gains we’ve made, today’s high gas prices are a painful reminder that there’s much more work to do free ourselves from our dependence on foreign oil and take control of our energy future.

—President Obama

Transportation. The report emphasizes the first fuel economy standards for heavy-duty trucks, and the new round of fuel economy/greenhouse gas standards for light-duty vehicles. The report also emphasizes the investments made by the Administration that will enable the US to produce enough batteries and components to support the manufacture of one million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles by 2015.

In 2008, the report notes, a typical battery for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a 40-mile electric range cost $12,000 (assuming a 10 kWh battery pack). In part because of the investments made by the Administration, the US is on track to demonstrate technology by 2015 that would reduce the cost of that 10 kWh pack to $3,600, the report says.

In 2010, President Obama set a goal of breaking ground on at least four commercial scale cellulosic or advanced biorefineries by 2013. That goal has been accomplished, one year ahead of schedule, according to the report. Together, these projects, and associated demonstration and pilot projects will produce a combined total of nearly 100 million gallons per year of advanced biofuels capacity.

Further, the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), which the Administration funded for the first-time ever in 2009, has supported more than 120 individual projects aimed at achieving new and transformational energy breakthroughs.



Progress could have been 200% better if the majority and the naysayers would stop fighting for the status quo. Education of the majority should start in kinder gardens so 5-year old kids could educate their parents.


As long as you have less government, lower taxes as the holy grail ideology, you will see no progress.

As long as Secretary of the DOE is an oil guy that raised lots of campaign money for the candidate, we will see no progress.

Account Deleted

Here is the progress in terms of US net oil imports.


It dropped from 12.5 million barrels per day to less than 8 million barrels per day today in the past 6 years and the drop is accelerating.

If the US want to become a net oil exporter it is doable in less than two decades if the oil price stay above 100 USD per barrel. The reason is tight oil in shale that can now be drilled very profitable at 100 USD. North Dakota is now doing 600000 barrels per day of such oil up from nearly zero four years ago. Tight oil in shale will eventually be bigger than conventional oil. We known shale formations are everywhere on the planet and there are therefore many more opportunities to drill oil in shale than there is with conventional oil.

However, this planet will be a much cleaner/better place if we focus on electric mobility and natural gas because the latter burns cleaner than oil and there is also plenty of that in shale at even lower prices than oil.



The secretary of energy is Stephen Cho, a Noble prize winning Physicist who is really smart and even has a reasonable sense of humor. He is smart enough to know that we can not rely on wind and solar energy which is probably why the Obama administration is pushing nuclear energy. His previous job was running one of national labs. Anyway is not some recycled oil guy.


Dr. Chu is great, Sec DOE under Bush was not. It is nice to actually have someone qualified after all these years.


The local energy picture and composition have changed in the last five years and specially under the current Administration.

1. Wind energy has been growing at an annual rate of 27% from about 25 gwh in 2006 to 120 gwh in 2011.

2. Energy from coal has been going down from about 51% to about 39% by the end of 2011.

3. Ethanol export is close to ethanol import from Brazil in 2011 and may be over imports in 2012.

4. Crude production has reached a high point for the last 10 years and has been going up steadily for the last 3 years.

5. Crude import has been going down steadily from 66% to 54%.

6. NG-SG production and consumption are at an all time high.

7. NG-SG export will surpass import in 2012.

The majority should be proud about what this Administration is achieving with regards to the production of more local energy and reduction of imported energy.



"As long as you have less government, lower taxes as the holy grail ideology, you will see no progress." COROLLARY: As long as you have more government and higher taxes as the holy grail ideology, you will have progress. How's that working in Europe? Greece? America?

"The majority should be proud about what this Administration is achieving with regards to the production of more local energy and reduction of imported energy" - SERIOUSLY? Be proud of prolonged $4-$5 per gallon gas prices & ripple effects throughout the economy? Please.


"Dr. Chu is great, Sec DOE under Bush was not. It is nice to actually have someone qualified after all these years."

Yeah, here is what the "great" Dr. Chu said: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Dr. Chu = A S S H O L E.


Sam Bodman, Bush's Secretary of DOE was all for the 6000 pound vehicle tax breaks, doctors and dentists were buying Hummers because the tax breaks paid for most of them.



Notice how the song and dance has changed now that you have a Democrat in the White House.


Henrik, shale are plentiful but I am not sure that there is so much oil in it, north Dakota oil reserves are quite limited and will a blip in the US oil consumption. For those who think that US will again be an oil exporter one day...dream on it. Oil reserves in US are only 3% oil world oil reserves. And don't make confusion between Shale Oil (oil tight below shale Rock like the Bakken Field) and oil Shale that is a kerogen that fills the porosity of shale rock, this one might be plentiful but is not economically recoverable at any horizon of time, it is not even oil. Eji despite all our effort to educate you, you still don't understand that 4-5$ a gallon is what will save us and not the opposite, if you don't understand that simple thing you are loosing your time here.

Account Deleted

Oil reserves is something that can be expanded at will but it is costly to expand the reserves because each exploratory well that is needed to confirm a reserve will cost about 8 million USD and produce nothing but the knowledge that there is oil or gas down there that is profitable to drill at current technology and prices for output and input commodities and services. As a consequence of these costs you seldom see oil companies in the West confirming more than 10 years of current production to proven oil reserves ahead. Most of the planet has still not been drilled (all shale formations, nearly all oceans, nearly all of Africa, North Pole, South Pole, Siberia etc).

Peak oil will come but it will not be cause by the inability to produce more oil as there are many 1000 of billions of barrels that can still be drilled or mined on this planet. Peak oil will come because lower cost technologies like battery electric mobility and biomass based fuels and materials eventually will make oil, coal and natural gas too expensive. The so called energy crisis is not real as there are plenty of fossil fuels and clean energy alternatives available on the horizon (the fossils all being very profitable to dill, mine at 100 USD per barrel). The energy crisis is an imaginary crisis that exists in the heads of people who wish there is a crisis to be afraid of. This kind of doomsday thinking is quite normal human behavior that can be observed in countless of manifestations at all times in human history. It is nevertheless imaginary.


ai_vin: "Notice how the song and dance has changed now that you have a Democrat in the White House."

EXACTLY. Of course! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oaq2fHiOOY


Henrik, gotta disagree. if there is no peak oil why are we going after shale and deep oil?
Answer: because the easy oil is gone, or is going.
Peak oil says that extracting oil will continue to get more expensive. And the oil companies don't have to drill to know what's down there (seismic exploration).


Tar sands are an indicator, it is north American so it is deemed worth the use of LOTS of natural gas and water.

We have used half of the oil and that was the easy to get high quality stuff, now comes the hard climb. We have to decide if we want to expend more and more of the world's capital going after more expensive oil, or find alternatives.

It is the old working smarter not harder adage. If you are the oil boys, you just do more of the same and make a bundle...for now. If you are more far sighted you realize that there is a point of diminishing returns and alternatives are a smarter move.

Account Deleted


Seismic and radar does not prove anything. They are used to increase the likelihood that when you do drill an exploratory well it will find oil or gas. A reservoir is not proven until you have drilled one exploratory well that spruds and one appraisal well to confirm the first exploratory well. It is very expensive as most exploratory wells are dry (no oil or gas found) and they each cost about 8 million USD on-shore. They may cost 20 to 70 million USD each off-shore.

Money is not for free as you know (not even for oil and gas companies) so they restrict their confirmed reserves to about 10 years as more is pointless and a waist of good money.

Tight oil in shale is getting popular because it is getting cheaper to drill than much conventional oil. And new technology is going to make such tight oil even cheaper. 1000 ton oil and gas rigs on wheels are coming that will enable oil and gas companies to move their rigs to drill another well in hours rather than weeks. This is not needed for conventional oil but for shale gas and tight oil in shale you need to drill new wells only a few hundred meters apart from each other and then a rig on wheels will come in handy. It could increase the productivity of your 100 million USD 1000 ton rig by 30%.


Ejj, where in that vid was Obama being a hypocrite? He was saying then the same things he's saying now. HIS song and dance has not changed now that he's in the White House.


Remember, he did made a distinction between wanting gas prices to go up slowly so we can adjust, and the rapid increases we get hit by from macket forces and world events.




Oil prices will hit current European prices with no help from the Government -- just the private sector and mother nature. Let's hope our oil and NG supplies carry us over to the time electric can supplant it.


BTW, the song and dance I was referring to was the song and dance of FauxNews: They went from saying "no President has the power to increase or to lower gas prices";
to advising Republicans to focus on blaming President Obama for rising gasoline prices; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztc8UxvSSTo




"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Nobel Prize Winner & Secretary of Energy Dr. Chu



"I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment." - Obama


Stan Peterson

All politicians are good at saying one thing, and doing another. Mr. Obama can baldfaced lie sincerely, while reading his teleprompter, with the best of them.

Mr. Obama really believes in High Oil prices as a means to discourage consumption, and to pick up a tax buck or two to "invest" in a mutual boondoggle with "friends".

He is restricting places to search and drill, imposing moritoria, impeding infrastructure investments like pipelines. He is discouraging Nuclear by closing Yucca over Dr. Chu's objections, merely to secure Harry Reid's re-election. He is purposely not addressing the nuclear Waste issue as a means to retard nuclear developement, while publically posing otherwise.

The French have pioneered "Actinide Burning" as a final radioactive waste solution, and have succeeded in elimainating 99.75% of the high level waste. But Mr. Obama will have none of that even considered, here in America.

While gloating that more oil is being produced from smaller and amaller domestic places to find it, despite his best efforts to retard it.

Why is he doing so? Because the Druidic, Leftist religion of his says so. Since in his secular belief, God is dead, and then Mother Gaia must be worshipped instead.

The Earh must be saved from the scourge of masses of the useless mouths of proletarian Humanity, until they die off; and the Earth is inherited by a relative few of their "betters".

These surviving Nobel Savages, will have the proper Communal and Ecological spirit. They will inherit the utopian Earth, purged and liquidated of useless proletariat masses. They can then harmonize and commune with Nature.

No different than any marxist visionary exponent from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, to Pol Pot, of dystopian visions.

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