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OPXBIO achieves fermentation at 3,000-liter scale for BioAcrylic

OPX Biotechnologies Inc. has successfully demonstrated its fermentation process for bio-based acrylic acid (or BioAcrylic) at the 3,000-liter scale. (Earlier post.) This marks a major milestone on its pathway to commercialization, the company said.

OPXBIO is working with The Dow Chemical Company to bring BioAcrylic into the $10-billion market for acrylic used in products such as diapers, detergents, paints and adhesives.

Scale-up milestones are big proof points in this industry. We have increased the size of our BioAcrylic fermentations by more than 300 times with good results. This gives us even more confidence we're on the right track.

—Charles R. (Chas) Eggert, president and CEO of OPXBIO

OPXBIO worked with the Michigan Biotechnology Institute (MBI) to successfully scale up its BioAcrylic fermentation process to 3,000 liters. MBI is a not-for-profit company with 30 years of experience in derisking and scale-up of bio-based technologies.


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