President Obama announces $1B National Community Deployment Challenge to spur deployment of alternative-fuel vehicles; new purchasing incentives; new EV Everywhere research grand challenge
DOE not proceeding with ATVM loan for Carbon Motors; company exploring strategic and financing alternatives

Remy International, Inc. signs long-term agreement with Enova Systems, Inc.

Remy International, Inc., North America’s largest independent manufacturer of advanced electric propulsion motors, and Enova Systems, Inc. have signed a long-term electric motor supply agreement. Under the five year agreement, Remy will provide its patented Remy electric motors to Enova for its all-electric drive systems.

Remy’s patented High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) (earlier post) technology’s torque and power density deliver added speed and range to electric vehicles. Companies such as GM, Daimler, Allison Transmission, and AMP Electric Vehicles have chosen the Remy HVH electric motor for its power density, efficiency and reliability.

Enova provides commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet customers with complete drive system solutions that are easy to install and integrate; more than 2,500 drive systems have been sold.



Good pairing.


These guys were choosen for an award under the stimulus act. Apparently the government got some of them right. I guess we won't hear anything about the ones that succeed, just the few that struggle. I wonder what the actual success rate is for technology companies funded under the recovery act. I'll bet it's a pretty high percentage of success.

Singular anecdotal cases do not make a case for an opposing view, it only verifies the dishonesty in the person depending on the singular example.


By my rough count 9 out of 10 have done well, which is better than the batting average for most venture capitalists. All you hear about is the failures, that is the nature of politics and distortion.

This Remy motor is a good one, The company literature that I have read on it says that they could make an induction version as well. No dependence on Chinese Rare Earth Elements for the magnets.

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