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Saturna Green Systems partners with evolve Motorcycles to equip electric bikes with digital dashboard and connected wireless services

Components of the Saturna system. Click to enlarge.

Under a new partnership, New York-based evolve motorcycles will incorporate Saturna Green Systems’ wireless Communications Platform on its electric scooters and motorcycles. Saturna Green Systems Inc. is a developer of automotive wireless technology developer and provider of GPS location-based services (LBS).

The Saturna Platform will be available on certain evolve 2013 models, and represents the first time that LBS and telematics devices are installed on an electric scooter OEM’s assembly line. Saturna’s Communications Platform consists of three main components:

  • A rugged on-vehicle Device that incorporates a high-speed processor, memory, GPS, and 3D accelerometer. The device consists of a high-spec processor running the Android or iOS operating system, middleware and key applications.

    With GSM, GPS, GPRS and 3-axis accelerometer, the Device collects a wide variety of vehicle location, diagnostics and telemetry data, which it then transmits to a Rider Interface—either driver-held Smartphone via Bluetooth and/or Digital Display—in addition to sending it to the Saturna Cloud, for wireless vehicle and rider management, communications and networking.

    Saturna’s On-Vehicle Device also provides CAN bus connectivity to the scooter or motorcycle’s electrical system, and in the case of electric vehicles, motor controllers (MC) and battery management systems (BMS), in order to gather accurate vehicle range and diagnostic information. CAN bus connectivity can also provide OEMs and their dealers with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) information for proactive warranty and maintenance programs.

    Saturna’s on-board technology also integrates fully with existing or add-on electrical peripherals (telematics) such as anti-theft devices, locks, temperature sensors, etc.

  • Rider Interface options. Saturna offers three general interface choices: 1) rider-held Smartphone; 2) Supplemental Digital Display used in addition to the vehicle’s existing analog instrumentation, or 3) a Digital Dashboard Display that supplants the vehicle’s analog instrumentation with a highly visible and interactive digital color touchscreen display. evolve will include the Digital Dashboard.

  • The Saturna/evolveCloud: a customizable and scalable software application that opens up an unlimited number of location-based services and networking possibilities, and allows evolve scooters to be managed remotely from any web-enabled device.

These features help resolve range and charging anxiety by giving the evolve rider detailed state-of-charge and range information, as well as connecting them to electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

Saturna’s technology enhances safety and security, enables location-based services such as roadside assistance/charging, and makes possible urban social networking. It also allows manufacturers, such as evolve, to proactively engage with customers for warranty, maintenance and CRM initiatives.



Maybe we would be better without all this stuff.
If you are on two wheels, you have 2mm of leather between you and the outside world, so you want to concentrate on driving.

And sometimes, it is nice to have no external inputs, just you and the road.


I'm in love with my brand new motorcycles. I decided that I wanted to reward myself, after finishing my Masters degree, by buying something nicer than the cheap college car that I've been driving around since I started my freshman year at Idaho State University. I'm especially excited about the GPS systems that can be put into these motorcycles in coming years. The technology is definently growing!

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