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Sevcon and Flextronics Automotive partner to provide drivetrain systems for electric and hybrid vehicles

Sevcon, Inc., a global manufacturer of microprocessor-based controls for electric and hybrid vehicles, and Flextronics Automotive, a business of Flextronics, a global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, have entered into a cooperation agreement to provide hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain systems to automotive OEM customers in Germany and other central European countries.

The agreement enables the companies to combine Sevcon’s advanced motor controllers and onboard systems integration products with Flextronics Automotive’s high-voltage DC/DC converter, charger and battery management technology in developing complete drivetrain solutions for hybrid and pure electric vehicles ranging in size from two-wheeled scooters to passenger cars and trucks.

The Sevcon controls are used to vary the speed and movement of vehicles, to integrate specialized functions, and to optimize the energy consumption of the vehicle’s power source.

The companies also have agreed to jointly pursue product marketing and sales outreach to automotive OEM customers, with Sevcon designated as Tier 1 supplier and Flextronics Automotive as manufacturer for all combined product sales.

Flextronics Automotive provides fully integrated lighting solutions, connectivity modules and power electronic applications for automotive manufacturers around the world.

Partnering with Flextronics Automotive will enable us to scale our business to meet growing product demand in Germany and central Europe far more rapidly than we could on our own.

—Sevcon President and CEO Matt Boyle

Sevcon’s advanced motor control technology complements Flextronics Automotive’s energy efficient automotive portfolio and by way of this partnership, together we can offer customers a more complete drivetrain solution for the pure electric and hybrid vehicle markets.

—Paul Humphries, business group president of High Reliability Solutions at Flextronics



EVs may sell better when they reach the right price. It is not just the cost of batteries, but the whole system cost reductions that will help has well.

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