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DOE to award up to $10M to promote zero emission cargo transport (ZECT) vehicles

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced up to $10 million is available (DE-FOA-0000669) this year to demonstrate and deploy electric transportation technologies for cargo vehicles, such as trucks, locomotives and forklifts.

DOE is seeking applicants for this funding to demonstrate cost-effective zero emission cargo transport (ZECT) systems and collect detailed performance and cost data to analyze the benefits and viability of this approach to freight transportation. The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is focused on accelerating the introduction and penetration of ZECT technologies. Examples of such technology include, but are not limited to:

  1. heavy-duty on-road trucks that transport shipping containers of one or more twenty-foot-equivalent units and that are propelled by electric motors powered by batteries, fuel cells, overhead catenary wires, or hybrid-electric technologies that operate in all electric mode for a large portion of their duty cycle;

  2. locomotives propelled by electric motors powered by batteries, overhead catenary wires, fuel cells, or hybrid-electric technologies that operate in all electric mode for a large portion of their duty cycle; and

  3. systems in roadbeds or rail lines that propel trucks or trains.

DOE anticipates that awards resulting from this FOA will consist of Demonstration only or Development and Demonstration phases. All projects must have a Demonstration Phase. Within the Development Phase, if proposed, applicants shall develop cargo electric transportation technologies and research and evaluate the market viability of those technologies as they apply to the project area. Applicants shall collect detailed test information sufficient to analyze the performance of the cargo electric transportation technology system(s). Examples of development work include the analysis, design, fabrication, and integration of component or propulsion systems and vehicle integration development.

Within the Demonstration Phase, applicants shall demonstrate a Zero Emission Cargo Transport (ZECT) system for a minimum of two (2) years. Applicants will be expected to collect data under real world cargo transport conditions in the prime applicant’s 8-hour ozone non-attainment area.

This funding opportunity is open to local governments and private companies, with federal funds matched in a 50% cost share. Applications for funding will be accepted until 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on 15 May 2012. DOE anticipates notifying applicants selected for award by the end of July 2012, and making at least one award by 30 September 2012.



But we already have zero emission cargo transport, or at least we used to. They are called sailboats. (and no trolls complaining about coal generating the electricity).

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