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China BAK to supply additional 1,000 Li-ion battery packs to Chery for M1 EV

China BAK Battery, Inc. announced a new contract to supply high-power Li-ion batteries to Chery Automobile.

Under the contract, China BAK will deliver 1,000 lithium-ion high-power battery units in 2012 to power Chery’s Ruilin M1 electric cars. The new contract is in addition to China BAK’s previously-announced contract with Chery, entered into in February 2012, to supply 100 high-power battery units to Chery, which are on schedule to be delivered by June 2012.

The Ruilin M1 is one of the five electric vehicle models that have been approved for government use since early this year.

China BAK will hold a joint press conference with Chery in mid-April in Tianjin. At the press conference, Chery and China BAK plan to announce a long-term cooperation program in the electric vehicles industry.


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